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Opuntia cylindrica cristata 'Emerald Aisle'

Opuntia cylindrica cristata 'Emerald Aisle'

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Opuntia cylindrica cristata 'Emerald Aisle' is recognized for its unique cristate form, creating a "fanned" growth of emerald green with white areoles and small spines. This type of growth is typically caused by injury during the early stages of the plant's development. Known for their cold tolerance, Opuntia species are the most hardy of the lowland cacti. It is important to protect them from frost, as they can withstand temperatures as low as 32F.

Please Note: Plant will ship bare root with little to no dirt, and you will receive a plant similar to the one in the photo. It is advised to handle this plant with caution and use gloves or tongs as it is covered in spines.

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