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Haworthia cymbiformis

Haworthia cymbiformis

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Haworthia cymbiformis (Duval): This variety is one of the easiest to grow among the already resilient Haworthia species. Found on cliffs and rocky slopes in South Africa, it has adapted to hot and dry conditions by burying its leaf tips underground. The translucent lines or "leaf windows" on its leaves allow for sunlight to reach its interior, enabling it to thrive even in low-light environments. Beginner-friendly, H. cymbiformis can tolerate a bit of over-watering while you learn to properly care for succulents. As a slow grower, it will eventually produce offsets, forming a small cluster. Its Latin name, cymbiformis, meaning "boat-shaped," is a nod to the inwardly curving leaves that come to a point. During its growth, it produces tall bloom stalks with tiny white flowers, which can be removed if desired.


Please Note: Plant will ship bare root with little to no dirt, and you will receive a plant similar to the one in the photo.

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