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Euphorbia Milii 'Crown of Thorns'

Euphorbia Milii 'Crown of Thorns'

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Euphorbia Milii 'Crown of Thorns' is a stunning succulent that boasts almost year-round blooms, making it a perfect indoor plant. Its thick, vibrant green leaves grow along new stem growth, although be mindful of its thorns. While its true flowers are small and green, it's the striking bracts in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, or white that steal the show. Outdoors, this slow-growing shrub can reach heights of 3 to 6 feet, while indoors it typically stays around 2 feet tall. While it may be toxic to humans and pets, Euphorbia Milii is still a popular choice for houseplants due to its ability to thrive in typical room conditions. In colder climates, it can be grown as a houseplant, but it also makes a striking addition to any outdoor space. Don't forget to give it a little pruning at the end of the season to encourage new growth. For a pop of color

Be aware that the sap of this plant is toxic and should not be touched by children or pets. If you happen to come into contact with the sap while handling the plant, wash your hands right away.

Please Note: Plant will ship bare root with little to no dirt, and you will receive a plant similar to the one in the photo. It is advised to handle this plant with caution and use gloves or tongs as it is covered in spines.

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