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Espostoa melanostele 'Peruvian Old Lady Cactus'

Espostoa melanostele 'Peruvian Old Lady Cactus'

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This Peruvian Old Lady cactus, known by its scientific name Espostoa melanostele, is a tall, drought-tolerant plant characterized by its golden spines and thick, woolly coating resembling hair. It is typically found in dry, sunny areas at high elevations in Peru and can thrive in well-draining soil with minimal watering. With a slow growth rate of about 1.0" per year, it has the potential to produce new branches from its base with ample space and sunlight. While it rarely blooms, its 2.0" white flowers have a unique ability to close during rainstorms and reopen when dry. While it can reach heights of over 6.0' in the wild, it remains compact when potted on a windowsill.

Please Note: Plant will ship bare root with little to no dirt. You will receive a plant similar to the one in the photo. It is advised to handle this plant with caution and use gloves as it is covered in spines.

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