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Rare! Korean!!

Echeveria 'Red Velvet' sp.14

Echeveria 'Red Velvet' sp.14

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Echeveria Red Velvet sp. 14 is a rare species of Echeveria Red Velvet with a delicate and stunning appearance. This cutie distinctively features thick pinkish waxy cuticles, preventing it from losing water and sunburn. The plump and lush obovate-shaped reddish-pinkish leaves with acuminate apex and blood dapple form the compact and full rosette, enhancing the aesthetic.
The leaves are relatively thick with short and fine hairs covering their surfaces, giving them a soft and velvety feel. The edges of the leaves are usually slightly curled upward, creating a gentle and warm feeling. The deep red leaves covered with the fuzzy covering create a unique texture and visual effect that is excessively attractive in well-lit environments.

Echeveria require ample sunlight to retain their vibrant colors and maintain a compact, rosette shape. While they are not able to withstand harsh frost, they can be moved indoors to a sunny windowsill or under a grow light in the event of freezing temps. To avoid damage, protect from intense afternoon sun during periods of extreme heat.

Please Note: Plant will ship bare root with little to no dirt, and you will receive a plant similar to the one in the photo.

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