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Crassula ovata 'Tricolor' Jade Plant Var.

Crassula ovata 'Tricolor' Jade Plant Var.

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'Crassula ovata 'Tricolor' Jade Plant Var. is a high-performing plant that can thrive as both an indoor potted plant or a full-bodied shrub when grown outside. Its glossy leaves are adorned with striking green and white patterns, accented by a pink edge in direct sunlight. Indigenous to South Africa and Mozambique, this species can reach heights of 8.0 feet on rocky slopes. With careful indoor care, use of small pots, and regular pruning, C. ovata can be maintained in a miniature bonsai form.

The 'Tricolor' Jade Plant Var. is a hardy and adaptable plant, making it an excellent choice for novice growers. It requires well-draining soil, plenty of sunlight, and protection from extreme cold. As it matures, irrigation becomes unnecessary, and it can even shrink during dry periods. In addition to easily propagating from cuttings, this plant produces clusters of white, star-shaped flowers during the winter months. While it may develop small white or black dots on its leaves, these are actually healthy pores called "hydathodes" used for transferring water, and not a cause for concern.

Please Note: Plant will ship bare root with little to no dirt, and you will receive a plant similar to the one in the photo.

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