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Crassula multicava 'Emerald Jade Carpet'

Crassula multicava 'Emerald Jade Carpet'

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Crassula multicava, or Emerald Jade Carpet, is a renowned low-growing succulent with flat, round deep green leaves that make it an excellent ground-cover for forests. This plant thrives in full sun coastal areas and is one of the few that can survive in difficult dry shade under oak, pine, and eucalyptus trees. It requires regular watering in garden settings but is able to withstand extended periods of drought. In the winter and early spring, the foliage is adorned with delicate, pink "baby's breath" flowers, while white, star-shaped clusters bloom during the winter.

Please Note: Plant will ship bare root with little to no dirt, and you will receive a plant similar to the one in the photo.

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