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Austrocylindropuntia Subulata 'Eve's Needle'

Austrocylindropuntia Subulata 'Eve's Needle'

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Austrocylindropuntia Subulata 'Eve's Needle' is a tall, tree-like cactus, reaching 13.0' in its natural habitat. Its stems are adorned with bumpy tubercles, each topped with a spined areole. The stems are crowned with awl-shaped, green leaves that can grow up to 5.0" in length on a mature plant. This species originates from the Andes and was once used in ancient Peruvian culture to make fences and needles. It produces vibrant red to orange flowers, which eventually develop into reddish fruit.

If there is a risk of freezing temperatures, they can be moved indoors to a sunny window or under a grow light.

Please Note: Plant will ship bare root with little to no dirt.

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